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I am not on this album, but I acted as a co-producer on the 25th Anniversary reissue. Since I listened to it A LOT in my formative years, I was in a great position to judge the remix/remaster effort, balancing the desire to improve the album while still remaining faithful to the original.
Mailbox - Thoughts From A Rapidly Descending Aircraft
This b-sides and rarities collection includes several tracks that Adam and I have worked on. "Paperback Writer" is a song we wrote together for a contest, "There Were Three Crows" is one of my Public Domain tracks, and "Alive In A Dream" was the first recording we did under the name Wisenheimer, and this is the first time it has been released to the public.
Duncan asked me to play the part of the actor playing Captain Mifesto, the evil villain for this song from the soundtrack of a non-existent movie. It makes more sense when you hear it. Despite living with him for just under two years, this is the only time we appear together in a song. Oh, if only we had recorded the numerous and now legendary Uke 'n' Wail sessions.
As a challenge, Adam Rabin decided to write and record an album in one month. As an additional challenge, he decided to bring in a bunch of collaborators, myself included. I was tasked with writing "Things Fall From The Sky All The Time" which Adam improved, and he got Mike Lebovitz to sing, so it was kind of a St. Olaf reunion.
This album contains the song "Under The Horse" which I cowrote. I don't actually appear on this version of the song (I sang the original demo, but we all know it's better when Adam sings).
I played a little bit of ukulele for the song "Ridin' The Roller Coaster" as part of the All Uke Superpickle Boys Choir. I was also around during most of the album's production, and heard just about every iteration and mix of every song, offering opinions. Mike said I did a lot more for the album than I care to admit, which if I did would probably freak me out because this record is honestly in my top five of all time, probably top three.
This is a documentary about the greatest group in the entire history of art and music, The Residents. I appear as a talking head (as well as a ukulele-playing and singing head) in the film, and have an editorial consultant credit. Why? Because I am good at saying "WRONG!" when people misrepresent The Residents.
Tutash - "So Predictable"
Tutash is the project of my Terrist partner, Joe Suchta. He records like all the time and started inviting me over because he knows that having me on a record with him will up the sales significantly. If you listen really really really really closely, I am playing a box of mints on this song. Not the shaker, the mints. Listen!
This was a compilation record put out by Superpickle Music Arts in July 1999. The first half was selected songs from several artists, and the second half consisted of safety tip public service announcements. My song, Smoke Detector, reminded listeners of the importance of keeping fresh batteries in stock.
Mentions of Me on Other Albums (for you maniacal Goat collectors)

(This list does not include times when I had my name printed in something for being a crowdfunding backer. I don't think those count.)

The Residents - pREServed series
The reissues that have been coming out on Cherry Red Records thank a "Chris" in the liner notes, and I like to pretend it refers to me. I mean, it probably does in fact refer to me, but it is much more fun to pretend than to know.
Mailbox - Knick Knacks
The song "Difficult Listening Hour" was written as a theme for my radio show. Originally appeared on Odds And Ends Volume One.
The Scallions - Agony Through Ceremony
Thank you in liner notes and I'm mentioned in the discography on the accompanying DVD (they were part of the Residents tribute I spearheaded).
TV's Kyle - Let's All Do The Guk Guk Guk!
I was a member of Kyle's "crack team of advisors" for this album.
Mailbox - How It Is Nowadays
Thank you in credits.
The Residents - Petting Zoo
I can never prove it, but I will believe until the day I die (and after that, if possible), that the goat on the cover is a reference to me. The same probably goes for the "Golden Goat"/"Pickle" DVD.
Dolph Chaney - New Bird Rise
Thank you in credits. The first time anybody ever did that!