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Going Postal: A Tribute To Mailbox

Halfway through the Residents tribute I headed up, I decided that the next person worthy of such an honour is no other than Irving, frontman for the band Mailbox. Like the previous tribute, it was done in secret. But this one has a special guest star: the man himself, Irving!

How did I do it? I gave Irving a phony script for Pickle Radio. It was specially designed to allow me to use his responses (to taste testing candidates for an official beverage of Superpickle Music Arts) as responses to hearing other people perform his songs.

Hot dang I'm clever.

But enough of that, let's check out the show!

Going Postal: A Tribute To Mailbox
  1. Pickle Radio 1
  2. Substance Abuse - Scott Stout
  3. Irving Doodle - Chris Combs
  4. Pickle Radio 2
  5. Cathousefish - TV's Kyle
  6. My Head - GST Mugwump
  7. Irving Doodle 2 - Chris Combs
  8. Pickle Radio 3
  9. The Fish - Duncan Disorderly
  10. Irving Doodle 3 - Chris Combs
  11. My Monsters And I - Joe (That Joe) w/ Goat Boy
  12. Pickle Radio 4
  13. No Elbows - Chandra Frank w/ Duncan Disorderly
  14. My Uncle And The Goons - Joe And The Chicken Heads
  15. Little Cocobean (Waffle Brothers Remix) - Hot Waffles
  16. Pickle Radio 5
  17. Fortune Cookie - Goat Boy w/ Yvette Tuk´┐Ż
  18. Irving Doodle 4 - Chris Combs
  19. Maybe Not, Maybe So - Father Bingo
  20. Pickle Radio 6
  21. The Piano That Irving Filled - Scott Stout
  22. Irving Doodle 5 - Chris Combs
Bonus Tracks
  1. The "Real" Pickle Radio
  2. Irving Doodle (full version) - Chris Combs
  3. My Monsters And I (Trance Mix) - Goat Boy

All songs written by Adam "Irving" Rabin except:

"Substance Abuse," "The Fish" - lyrics by David Delaney and Adam Rabin
"Cathousefish," "My Head," "No Elbows" - lyrics by G. Animal Skillman
"Irving Doodle" - new lyrics by Chris Combs
"The Piano That Irving Filled" - new lyrics by Scott Stout

Beautifully awesome artwork by Kyle A. Carrozza