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Live Dates

27 Oct: Rocky Horror 2022
14 Apr: Classic American Meat Loaf

21 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
23 Apr: Disco Ukulele Cabaret
11 Feb: Broken Hearts v Heartbreakers

24 Dec: Ukulele Cabaret Christmas Spectacular
28 May: Ukulele Cabaret Quinceañera
23 Apr: Pajama Jam Pizza Party
26 Mar: As Seen on TV
27 Feb: Broken Hearts
23 Jan: Now It's Our Turn

24 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
26 Sep: Plastic Fantastic Bombastic
25 Jul: Psycho Beach Party
23 May: Spring Fling
28 Mar: Rock Out With Your Uke Out
28 Feb: Kink or Kinks
24 Jan: Country Ukulele Cabaret

25 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
21 Jun: Gemma-Ni Ukulele Cabaret
17 May: Spring Fling
19 Apr: Don't Judge Me

12 May: The Mother of All Ukulele Cabarets
10 Feb: Broken Hearts 2017

28 Oct: Halloween 2016
13 May: The Mother of All Ukulele Cabarets
12 Feb: Broken Hearts Ukulele Cabaret

18 Dec: Christmas Cabaret
24 Jul: Beach Babes Ukulele Cabaret
25 Jun: Revol-UKE-ion 2: Electric Boogaloo
29 May: Ukulele Cabaret 10th Anniversary Show
01 May: May Day Cabaret
26 Mar: Revol-UKE-ion
13 Feb: Friday The 13th / Broken Hearts
07 Jan: Secret Ukulele Cabaret

31 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
24 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
25 Apr: Uke Skywalker Again
14 Feb: Broken Hearts

13 Dec: Friday The 13th Christmas
23 Aug: Midnight In The Garden
14 Jun: Uke Skywalker Album Release

20 Apr: Uke Skywalker Confides

16 Dec: Ukulele Conquers The Martians
14 Oct: Ricky Blunderbuss
20 May: Garth Haines Is Still Sad
15 Apr: Lecture Series
18 Feb: Uke Skywalker Returns

29 Jan: Hate The Listener

20 Nov: The Return
13 Nov: Lost In Playland
24 Oct: Lost In Playland

08 Nov: Fire In The Hole
31 May: Weepy Emo Crap
26 Apr: Ukulele Cabaret
04 Apr: Ukulele Rejects
23 Feb: Ukulele Hero
26 Jan: Single Awareness Day

27 Oct: Thpooooky
25 Aug: Things I Hate
19 Aug: Twelfth Night
09 Jun: Movie Night
28 Apr: Glam Night
31 Mar: April's Fool
24 Feb: Residents Set
23 Jan: Midnight Ukulele Disco

30 Dec: New Year's Eve Eve
02 Dec: Thanksgiving Leftovers
30 Sep: Ukulele Cabaret
31 Jul: Show & Tell Open Mic

16 May: Piano's Open Mic

29 Jul: Radio Bean No Guitar Open Mic

30 Oct: Live At Ralph America
Performance Details
Rocky Horror 2022
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022
Venue: Red Room, KGB Bar, NYC

Oh this one was a joy. This year I was assigned the song "Eddie's Teddy," so I began my set with a cover of "Teddy" by The Residents, a song with one chord (Gm) and an audience participation chorus of the phrase "touch me." (You see how clever I am, making this a bridge from an earlier Rocky Horror song?) Anyway, that went pretty well, and then I went into the main song.

Ashley joined me to sing Columbia's line, and when I got to the part about Eddie's letter, the audience called out "what's it say what's it say?" and I let them decide if I should read the letter to them.

They chose yes.

So accompanied by plaintive violin music worthy of a Ken Burns documentary, I read Eddie's letter, stylized as a Civil War soldier's correspondence. Of all the things I've done on stage, this ranks way up there among the most awesome / most stupid ever. It took five minutes to read, and was met largely with amazed disbelief: "How is this even happening?"

This is all based on some very solid performance advice, which is "give the audience a gift, then make them regret it."