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Live Dates
21 Jun: Gemma-Ni Ukulele Cabaret
17 May: Spring Fling
19 Apr: Don't Judge Me

12 May: The Mother of All Ukulele Cabarets
10 Feb: Broken Hearts 2017

28 Oct: Halloween 2016
13 May: The Mother of All Ukulele Cabarets
12 Feb: Broken Hearts Ukulele Cabaret

18 Dec: Christmas Cabaret
24 Jul: Beach Babes Ukulele Cabaret
25 Jun: Revol-UKE-ion 2: Electric Boogaloo
29 May: Ukulele Cabaret 10th Anniversary Show
01 May: May Day Cabaret
26 Mar: Revol-UKE-ion
13 Feb: Friday The 13th / Broken Hearts
07 Jan: Secret Ukulele Cabaret

31 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
24 Oct: Rocky Horror Ukulele Cabaret
25 Apr: Uke Skywalker Again
14 Feb: Broken Hearts

13 Dec: Friday The 13th Christmas
23 Aug: Midnight In The Garden
14 Jun: Uke Skywalker Album Release

20 Apr: Uke Skywalker Confides

16 Dec: Ukulele Conquers The Martians
14 Oct: Ricky Blunderbuss
20 May: Garth Haines Is Still Sad
15 Apr: Lecture Series
18 Feb: Uke Skywalker Returns

29 Jan: Hate The Listener

20 Nov: The Return
13 Nov: Lost In Playland
24 Oct: Lost In Playland

08 Nov: Fire In The Hole
31 May: Weepy Emo Crap
26 Apr: Ukulele Cabaret
04 Apr: Ukulele Rejects
23 Feb: Ukulele Hero
26 Jan: Single Awareness Day

27 Oct: Thpooooky
25 Aug: Things I Hate
19 Aug: Twelfth Night
09 Jun: Movie Night
28 Apr: Glam Night
31 Mar: April's Fool
24 Feb: Residents Set
23 Jan: Midnight Ukulele Disco

30 Dec: New Year's Eve Eve
02 Dec: Thanksgiving Leftovers
30 Sep: Ukulele Cabaret
31 Jul: Show & Tell Open Mic

16 May: Piano's Open Mic

29 Jul: Radio Bean No Guitar Open Mic

30 Oct: Live At Ralph America
Performance Details
Gemma-Ni Ukulele Cabaret
Date: 21 Jun 2018
Venue: KGB Bar Red Room, NYC

The rule for this show was that every act had to be a duo. What does that mean for me, someone who is clearly incapable of playing well with others?

Well, I'll have you know that I worked with my girlfriend, Ashley, to put together a lovely set, thank you very much. Ashley (my girlfriend), whom you haven't met because she's from Canada, was going to be visiting that week so I told the show's producers and got onto the bill. Me and my girlfriend.

But Ashley wasn't there. Um, er... well, uh, she died. Yeah. She died that day. But the show must go on, so accompanied by a funerary urn from which the dulcet and ghostly tones of her voice emanated, we performed "Somethin' Stupid" originally by Carson and Gaile but best known from Frank and Nancy Sinatra (because that's not creepy at all for a father and daughter to sing). Then the spiritual connection got lost and I had to finish the set by myself, which is unfortunate because the song was Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" and I only knew the MC Skat Cat parts. It came out kind of awkward.