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Garth Haines

Garth Haines has a profound sadness that is tragically beautiful. He also has a MySpace page.

Garth came about because I have a bunch of songs that are, for lack of a better term, weepy emo crap. I had written that title on my whiteboard, and placed song titles underneath it. When I was reminded of National Album Recording Month, I looked to my whiteboard and saw I had already plotted out the album. Actually creating the character came rather late in the process. I knew I had to don a silly wig and look sad for the album art, but for some unknown reason I quite suddenly decided I needed to create a MySpace page and also appear on stage in this persona.

It seems he is done now, but I wouldn't be surprised if one day he releases an album entitled The Sorrow Supercedes The Joy.

Slipping On My Tears: A Collection Of Weepy Emo Crap

Slipping On My Tears: A Collection Of Weepy Emo Crap sees Garth pouring out his scarred heart. You can download the entire album for free, because money would only make him sad.

A note for people who actually know what "emo" means: I am using the modern term, which means "any crap that has some dude crying, and gives him an excuse to wear makeup." Sometimes the songs rock a bit, but they never approach the hardcore that spawned emo in the first place.

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