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100 in '24

Hey here's a fun idea: write 100 songs this year. Why not? It's a great way to generate ideas. You don't get time to dawdle or worry about perfection. Push that down the road for Future You to stress over. I began in February, so I need to average about nine songs a month to meet the goal. What will I do with all these songs? Mostly just enjoy that they didn't exist before, and now they do.

I'll periodically update this page with my progress (new songs on top). You can listen to the demos, read the lyrics, and I've also provided the chords in case you want to play along at home. Someday I'll revisit these and decide which deserve further development and record versions suitable for a proper release. Wheee!

Current Goal: 34
Current Progress: 26
Song List

May 04: Weekend Worrier
May 03: Space Lanes
May 02: Sleeping In

Apr 24: On the Inside
Apr 23: One Hour
Apr 23: Deceit Shanty
Apr 05: Don't Stare at the Sun
Apr 02: Living in Oblivion

Mar 15: Ides of March
Mar 09: Palace of Dreams
Mar 07: On a Mission
Mar 07: Look at Me

Feb 29: Get Up and Jump and Leap (For Your Joy)
Feb 27: Going Out Today
Feb 26: The Place To Be
Feb 25: Right There
Feb 23: It Begins
Feb 22: Give In to the Algorithm
Feb 21: Dead Thing
Feb 20: I Saw You In a Dream
Feb 06: Storming the Castle
Feb 05: Black on Black
Feb 04: The Imp in the Simple
Feb 03: Tsundoku
Feb 03: Thinking of You
Feb 01: Woke Up Dead
Song Details

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