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Magic Updates
Sun, 05 Dec 2021
Season 4 of Shezam is headed to your ears! It keeps getting better and better, and this new season has me pretty excite. There's also a new logo that looks pretty dang sweet on t-shirts and hoodies. Check it totally out at

Today I saw A Magical Cirque Christmas starring Lucy Darling. Pretty great show, so if you like magic, are into Christmas, and don't know how to spell "circus" then this is the show for you.

2021, whatever it takes
Thu, 14 Jan 2021
Here's an odd thing about 2020: at the beginning of the year I planned to do a number of things for self-improvement. I subscribed to Masterclass and intended to watch several dozen of their offerings; I purchased an online piano course and intended to learn how to actually play this thing; I wrote out a schedule for books I wanted to read over the year.

Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly I had a lot more time on my hands. My work commute is just about an hour, so already I had two extra hours. Plus I get really tired on my way home (perhaps a combination of walking for 25 minutes, riding a train for 15 minutes, then walking another 20 minutes) so I usually go right to sleep when I get home, losing another... whatever amount of time. So given all the extra time, how did I score on my 2020 goals?

With Masterclass I watched about twelve courses, eight of which were in the last two months of my subscription because I just didn't do it. I did do an hour of the piano thing daily for two weeks, and I got to a place I'm really happy with, but I do want to continue. The book list? I stayed pretty much on schedule until about September, then stopped.

Which is not to say I spent the entire year sleeping (though I did a lot more of that than ever before; I should get a medal or something). Shezam took on a very ambitious production schedule, I joined the stage crew of an online show, and I established relationships in two new social circles. Not a bad thing at all.

So I guess what I'm getting to is: plans are just ideas. It might feel bad to fall short, but there's always something else to fill the time. As long as it never feels wasted in the moment, it's all good.
Disco Cabaret
Sat, 17 Apr 2021

Friday, 23 April, 8pm Eastern, at

This will (hopefully) be the final virtual Cabaret show, and it will be a blast! I worked with Adam Rabin to cook up something really special.

Featuring: Amie Amis, Andru Cann, The Buttery Barmaids, Elena and Khabu, Jamie Scandal, John Vitale, Katie Down and Liz Schnore, Lloyd United, Makalina, Michael Wagner, Michelle Humphrey, The Natural Blondies, Patsy Monteleone, Pete Sturman, The Prewar Ponies, South Pacific Miss, Sunday Comes Afterwards, Uke Skywalker, Ukelinda, The Ukemen, Virginia Kaycoff and The War Ponies, hosted by Sonic Uke.
MP3 Of The Undefined Time Period
In a three-person chat, we were discussing what words we use to start Wordle games, one of us having written a program to solve it. The lyrics of this come directly from that chat.

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